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On earth each one of us has the chance to choose the best. Created by Him, for Him; the best for us is to become like Him. In His mercy, the Lord invites us to worship Him, knowing that He designed us to become like what we worship. In ministering to the Lord we discover both our purpose and our identity. With continuous expressions of worship and praise we fill our lives with the substance of His presence. Heaven invades earth and the atmosphere of our life is filled with Him. 

At Church on the Hill, we believe that our highest calling and our greatest opportunity is to live as ministers to the Lord. Our offerings are sound, song, movement and melody. His response is righteousness, peace and joy poured out with no measure. 

His presence is everything.



Preston has led worship at Church on the Hill since 2006. He is an accomplished musician and songwriter and has led thousands in worship at camps, conferences and other events across the country. He and our other worship leaders lead an amazing group of musicians weekly on and off stage, working to grow the atmosphere of worship in our church and around our community.



Marlana has been a part of Church On The Hill for many years, Preston and Marlana started the foundation of what COTH Music is today. Being called to attend DBU, she moved to Dallas to finish her degrees in Art and Music. After graduating, Andrew and Marlana felt called to moved back to Hillsboro to work along side of Preston to grow and create an atmosphere of worship. 



JR, his wife, Stephanie, and their wonderful daughter, Jade, have been a part of our growing community for many years now. JR helps coordinate the rotation of our worship team that you see on the stage weekly, along with coordination of our Worship Room.

Church On The Hill Music

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All I Want

A video our worship leader recorded in our COTH studio in 2013