Our goal at Church on the Hill is to provide a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment for your child. We also want you to feel secure about your child's wellbeing, during your attendance at services and activities at Church on the Hill. 

We want to provide you, the parent, with the information about how our nursery is run, and the rules and guidelines in place to ensure your child's safety, as well as to provide you with the proper contact information or questions.

Here at Church on the Hill, we provide your child with an environment that is safe for them. Your child is safe to explore the room - it is properly childproofed. The room will also be sufficiently staffed to ensure that there is always enough individual attention paid to your son or daughter.

We hope to answer most of your questions as well as introduce you to the policies that we have put in place to safe guard all of the children we care for. Your understanding and cooperation are deeply appreciated.

Thank you!

Rebekah McReynolds

Associate Pastor and Director of Children's Ministries

Nursery Staffing and Safety

We will always have a minimum of two nursery workers on duty. Each nursery staff member has undergone a thorough background check and child safety training through Foursquare.

For safety reasons, we do not allow children above nursery age to enter the nursery room at any time. If you see older children in the nursery at any time, please notify appropriate Church on the Hill staff. Older children do not always understand the care and maintenance of a room for small children and infants. They can leave small objects that could be choking hazards, unplug safety devices, etc.

Nursery Availability and Age of Care

The nursery will begin accepting children 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the service. Children will not be accepted into the nursery until both workers are present. Please pick up your children as soon as the service concludes, because many of our nursery workers also have young children they must pick up from other classes. Infants (6 weeks) to age 24 months are accepted for care in the nursery. There are Toddler, Pre-K, and Children's Church (Project T.A.G.) available for those 2 years of age and older.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Please completely fill out the child sign-in sheet, located on the top portion of the half door of the nursery. Please include your name, your child's name, any food allergies or specific details about your child, and the location of where you are seated in the sanctuary. We request that only one parent drops off and picks up the child over the door. Please do not enter the nursery area.

It is common for children in the nursery to suffer from separation anxiety. Please tell your child "good-bye" when handing him or her into the loving arms of a nursery worker over the divided door without actually entering the nursery room. This will communicate to the child that it is okay to be with this person. It is common for children to cry and reach for you as you are leaving. Normally, the children will calm down in just a few minutes. If your child continues to be upset for 15 minutes (or sooner by parent's request) with no sign of calming down, a nursery staff member will come to find you.

Our nursery has a large window, therefore feel free to peek in on your child during the service! We do ask that you try not to be noticed by the children when you do so as it may cause them to become upset when you don't come in to play with them.

Bag Essentials

Bag Essentials (diapers, clothing, etc.) need to be clearly labeled with the name of the parent or child. All of the items in the bag should also be clearly labeled with the name or initials of your child. If you have any special items that your child may need, please point them out to the nursery staff.

Your bag essentials may need to contain the following items:  Diapers, Creams, Ointments, Salves, Wipes, Bottle/Cup, Pacifier, and Change of clothes.

We do request that you do not pack snacks for your child to reduce confusion among the children who may not be able to eat the type of snack brought in by another child. The nursery will provide a gluten-free snack with low risk of allergic reaction.

Medication and Child Illness

Our nursery staff is not adequately trained to dispense any type of medication. If your child requires medication, please come to the nursery at the appropriate time to administer it.

If your child becomes ill or injured during the service, one of the nursery or usher staff will quietly come to you during service and bring you back to the nursery. For the health and safety of all children, nursery staff, and peace of mind of our children's parents, children that have had the following symptoms within the last 24 hours will not be accepted into the nursery:




Yeast Infection



Impetigo (infected wounds)


Untreated Ringworms

Runny Nose (with yellow or green mucus discharge)

Communicable Eye Infections

Conjunctivitis (pink-eye)

Contagious Skin Rash


Croup (except in the case of allergy)

Any symptoms of usual childhood disease such as



Chicken Pox

Use of antibiotics for 24 hours or less.

Comments, Questions, and Concerns

Please feel free to contact any of the people listed below to address any and all comments, questions, and/or concerns you may have regarding the Church on the Hill Nursery program. We welcome your input and are happy to have the chance to address any concerns or answer any questions you may have.

Jodi Egan

Nursery Coordinator

Rebekah McReynolds

Associate Pastor and Director of  Children's Ministries

Michael McReynolds

Senior Pastor