Pursuing Freedom

Pursuing Freedom is an experiential encounter where believers come with the desire to be set free from the bondage of sin and shame through the Holy Spirit. This ministry is focused on the pursuit of full spiritual healing that only comes from the full surrender of our lives to the Father. Just as Lazarus had his grave clothes removed, we must pursue a life purified and refined by the Holy Spirit.

Within a Pursuing Freedom session, participants go through an hour of dialogue with a facilitator where they ask the Holy Spirit to reveal in their life areas that need growth and healing. Participants will experience prayer intercession and repentance that focuses on forgiving others and yourself, breaking soul ties, casting down generational curses, and correcting inner vows. As the session concludes, special prayer and deliverance will be focused on dismissing any demons and tormenting spirits from the participants life.

Pursuing Freedom participants that are hungry and open to transformation leave feeling lighter and a true sense of spiritual peace. It’s important that those interested in going through the program are taking part because they are seeking to transform their lives. The Holy Spirit will always show up to meet with a heart that is searching to commune deeply with Him.

This ministry is led by Dan & Donna Rodgers and Terry & Sue O'neal. A session can take anywhere from five to six hours depending on individual circumstances, and appointments must be scheduled in advance.

Connect with the Pursuing Freedom Team 

Once you submit the sign up form, one of the facilitators will reach out to learn more about you and share more information to ensure the program is the right fit for you!


Dan & Don Rodgers
Terry & Sue O'Neal